Trick or Treat 16oz Candle

Trick or Treat 16oz Candle

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LIMITED EDITION! Happy Halloween, our favorite goblins! This frightfully delicious, limited edition two colored candle is your new Halloween favorite! Trick or Treat smells like a tart apple freshly dipped in sweet and savory caramel. Tart, juicy and delicious, you’ll be craving this caramel apple fragrance each day leading up to All Hallows’ Eve. This black & orange candle is limited edition, so stock up now! PS: This candle pairs well with spooky Halloween movies.


Approximate Burn Time
Care instructions

- Walk it outside at least 3 times per day.
- Don't leave in car with intensive heat or without air conditioning.
- Feed it daily with high protein wax.
- Don't put it in a furnace.
- Make sure you only use electric lighter to light it.

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