Spring Pluggable Warmer Set

Spring Pluggable Warmer Set

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Spring is in the air! The Spring Pluggable Warmer Set is the perfect box for spring and will transform your home into a scented paradise! It features a Galvanized Tin Pluggable Warmer, and four small bags of our best selling, spring wax melts! These scents include Serenity, Mimosa, Blossom Festival & Lilac. This gift set comes in a branded Door County Candle Box!

Nose Notes:

  • Mimosa: A special blend of champagne and orange.
  • Serenity: The feeling of spring. This scent is relaxing, calming and refreshing.
  • Blossom Festival: The aroma of blossoming flowers, with notes of freesia and juniper.
  • Lilac: The beautiful, realistic smell of lilac! This scent is reminiscent of spring time with blooming lilac.


Suggested Use

-The amount of wax chips you use depends on the size of your room and the size of your warmer. For pluggable warmers, we recommend using 3-5 chips. For larger warmers, we recommend using 5-8 chips. These are simply recommendations. We always encourage customers to experiment and see what is to their liking!

Care instructions

-There are a few ways you can clean your warmer out…
1.) Put the top of your warmer (if it’s removable) in the freezer for a bit and pop it out.
2.) Wipe the wax out of the warmer.
3.) Pour the wax into a wax safe place. Reminder, the wax is hot!

-You can reuse wax melts! The fun and convenient thing about wax melts is that you can use them one day, pop them out and then try another scent!

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