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Welcome to the Fresh & Clean Sampler! Our Fresh & Clean collection is where pure and invigorating scents take center stage. This carefully curated range offers a delightful variety of fragrances inspired by the essence of fresh florals, crisp clean laundry, the serenity of a lakeshore, and so much more. This sampler features all the scents from our Fresh & Clean collection. Each sampler includes one mini bag of each fragrance with three of our-hand poured wax chips.

What to expect in the Fresh & Clean Sampler: 

  • Variety: 11 samples of our Fresh & Clean scents. You'll receive one mini bag of each scent, containing three of our unique wax chips. These scents include Beachside, Blossom Festival, Cotton Fields, Fresh Cut Roses, Honeysuckle, Lakeshore, Lavender, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Serenity and Summer Rain.
  • Aromatic Exploration: Immerse yourself in fresh and clean aromas. Whether you choose to smell them directly or use them in your warmer, the sampler allows you to savor each fragrance at your own pace.
  • Discover Your Favorites: As you indulge in the different scents, you'll have the opportunity to identify the ones that resonate most with you. Our sampler is the perfect tool to assist you in finding your next favorite (or favorites) among our Fresh & Clean collection.
  • High-Quality Wax Melts: We take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create our wax melts. Each melt is carefully crafted to release a rich, long-lasting fragrance. 

Each sampler comes with a 15% off coupon!


Approximate Burn Time

-The amount of wax chips you use depends on the size of your room and the size of your warmer. For pluggable warmers, we recommend using 3-5 chips. For larger warmers, we recommend using 5-8 chips. These are simply recommendations. We always encourage customers to experiment and see what is to their liking!

-Our typical guidance is that chips should have adequate fragrance for three (8) hour sessions.

Care instructions

-There are a few ways you can clean your warmer out…
1.) Put the top of your warmer (if it’s removable) in the freezer for a bit and pop it out.
2.) Wipe the wax out of the warmer.
3.) Pour the wax into a wax safe place. Reminder, the wax is hot!

-You can reuse wax melts! The fun and convenient thing about wax melts is that you can use them one day, pop them out and then try another scent!

Philanthropic Category

Candles Creating Change™

What's Included

When you purchase our wax melts you will receive a bag with wax chips. The candle warmer and other items pictured are not included.

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