Sunday Reflections ✨ 06.16.2024

Sunday Reflections ✨ 06.16.2024

Father’s Day is a special time for celebration and reflection, and today is all about honoring them. For many, this day can also be challenging for various reasons, and I’m sending warmth and love your way.

I vividly recall the launch of our Ukraine candle. My dad, an ER doctor, transformed into a candle maker almost overnight! He began helping us pour candles daily whenever he wasn't working, embodying the spirit of our incredible community where many dropped everything to lend a hand. Together, we made a significant impact.

My dad also built our beautiful candle bar, showcasing his talents not just as a doctor, but also as a candle maker and carpenter! Funny story - in December right before Christmas, I asked him to build the candle bar for me. He said no problem, and figured I wanted it done by May. To his surprise, I asked him if it was possible to have it done in two weeks! I remember his face when he heard this! He did it, even with that short amount of time in the midst of the holiday season. Special memories and stories surround us everywhere.

Now that summer is getting busier, so are the farmers markets I've been attending! Being at these markets has brought me so much joy. Meeting new faces, recognizing familiar ones, and hearing your heartfelt stories make these events incredibly special for me. Thanks for stopping by and chatting! It always makes me smile.

Tomorrow, we’re thrilled to announce our FIRST EVER "Up to 50% Off Overstock Sale"! This sale is only available while supplies last, so keep an eye on your inbox for the announcement tomorrow morning. Some scents will be retired, so don’t miss out on grabbing your favorites. Once they're gone, they're gone! I wanted to give you all a heads up so you can be prepared.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. I'm wishing you a wonderful Father's Day, a cozy Sunday, and a special week ahead.

💛 Christiana