Shining a Light of Hope: Introducing the Bravery Candle

Shining a Light of Hope: Introducing the Bravery Candle

Welcome to a new era of compassion, where the gentle glow of candlelight guides us towards courage and hope. Join us as we embrace the power of unity and spread love to every corner.

Introducing the Bravery Candle, a symbol of solidarity and a tribute to young heroes fighting cancer. Crafted with care and a soothing lavender scent, the Bravery Candle brings peace into your space. Chosen by Ben and Claire, parents of the brave Emmett, who is battling cancer, this fragrance was created with children undergoing chemotherapy in mind. The calming aroma of lavender transforms your home into a sanctuary, providing comfort for those navigating the challenges of cancer treatment.

You may remember this family from last year as they were the driving force behind our Lemongrass MACC Fund candle. One candle at a time, we raised an incredible $2,019 in support of the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer). Their dedication and generosity continue to inspire us, and we are honored to have them by our side once again as we launch the Bravery Candle.

Donation check to the MACC Fund

At the heart of the Bravery Candle lies a mission that transcends us all - supporting the MACC Fund. We are proud to donate 100% of the profits from the Bravery Candle to this incredible nonprofit. With your purchase, you not only bring light into your life but also breathe life into the fight against childhood cancer, funding vital research and comprehensive care that brings us closer to a cure.

By inviting the Bravery Candle into your home, you become part of a movement for change. Each flicker of its flame carries the spirit of these incredible little warriors, echoing their strength and resilience. Every glow embodies the tenderness of care, and every wisp of lavender paints a picture of a future free from the shadow of illness.

Ben, Claire and Emmett with Bravery

Join us in lighting the way. Join us in championing bravery. Stand with us as we transform the simple act of lighting a candle into a powerful gesture of support for those battling childhood cancer. 

At Door County Candle, we are proud of our philanthropy and our commitment to creating change. We believe in giving back, which is why all our candle products support various charitable causes. With each purchase, you are not only bringing warmth and fragrance into your life but also making a positive impact in the world. 

This limited edition Support a Cause candle will only be available from February 3 to February 17.

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