Sunday Reflections ✨ 04.21.24

Sunday Reflections ✨ 04.21.24

What an incredible journey this week has been! From the depths of meaningful conversations to the heights of advocacy and community engagement, every moment has been a testament to the power of passion and purpose. 

Early in the week, Nic and I had the profound honor of speaking at the Women in Supply Chain Management Group at UW Madison. It was nothing short of inspiring. Sharing stories about the hurdles I've faced as a woman in manufacturing, discussing our heartfelt Ukraine candle project, and diving deep into the world of manufacturing with such engaged and eager students was truly a highlight. The energy, the curiosity, and the drive for excellence in that room was palpable. I absolutely cherish these opportunities to connect, share, and learn together. 

That very day, we took our commitment to advocacy a step further by visiting the Wisconsin Capitol (special thanks to State Representative Joel Kitchens & his staff for their efforts in coordinating our meeting). We shared our concerns about how road construction significantly impacts small businesses, advocating for action to support those affected. While some might say "it is what it is," I firmly believe in the power of standing up, speaking out, and driving change. Change isn't created by acceptance but by action—a reminder that resonates deeply within me. 

This weekend brought me back to the heart of our community at the candle bar. Meeting wonderful customers and witnessing the creation of unique scent blends like Door County Coffee & Maple Syrup, Liliko'i & Mimosa, and Beachside & Piña Colada was an absolute joy. The candle bar experience is always a highlight, filled with creativity, laughter, and shared moments.

With Earth Day upon us tomorrow, let's not forget our ongoing commitment to our planet. For every tree-scented product purchased from our Earth Day Collection, we'll plant a tree. Last year, we planted 139 trees, and we're excited to see how much we can achieve together this year. 

Don't forget, our Wish Candle is entering its final week, continuing to make waves of positive impact. We had the joy of welcoming Sophia and her family to the candle bar this week, where they visited us and made candles! If you don't remember, Sophia is the special wish kid that created Sophia's blend! We are so inspired by her and her family's strength!

Thank you for being part of this journey, for sharing in these reflections, and for being a beacon of change and light in the world. Each one of us is a change maker, and together, our collective actions weave a tapestry of meaningful impact. Remember - we don't create change by sitting and accepting, but by standing and acting.

Until next week, thank you for being here, for being you, and for all that you do.